Description & Purpose:

Who we are:

  • CART is a collaborative group of education and agency professionals from the Capital Region, whose mission is to connect, inform, share and support ongoing efforts to build a transition community for students preparing for life after high school.

How it works:

  • “Collaboration is the Key…Coordination is the Goal"

What we provide:

    • Resource information to assist with transition planning in areas of Post-Secondary Education/ Training, Employment and Independent Living.

    • Technical assistance and professional development for CART members in related areas of transition and career development

    • Assistance with understanding a variety of potential agency support for transition planning and implementation for students and their families

    • To provide essential networking opportunities among educators, families and students, agencies and community representatives

    • To develop meaningful and manageable roles through area-wide collaborative transition planning

    • To provide ongoing staff training and collaborative support in meeting Federal & State transition requirements

    • To enhance community awareness of transition through parent and employer outreach

    • To maintain linkages with transition efforts across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through other transition councils and support agencies